The Report Blog after CloudNative Days Tokyo 2020

Hello, this is @cyberblack28, @kaedemalu, @suzukin CNDT2020 committee members.🙋‍♂️

CloudNative Days Tokyo 2020 has ended successfully.

Thank you to all the participants and speakers!

And thank you to everyone who participated in the post-event survey.

In this post, we will share the results of the questionnaire focusing on the contents (165 responses).

Number of participants

Pre-registration & the day registration: 3,580 people (including 85 speakers)

Purpose of the event

(165 responses)

CNDT was originally created with the purpose of being a tech conference, and since the majority of attendees are developers and architects, it is noticeable that the purpose of CNDT is to gather technical information.

Satisfaction with the event (five-grade evaluation)

(165 responses)

As this was the first time for the event to be held online, the committee has been preparing for it with anxiety. We are very happy to see the high level of satisfaction.

Of course, we have also received valuable feedback and were not satisfied. We will strive to improve based on this feedback.

The overall level of the event (five-grade evaluation)

(165 responses)

The indicator of the “level” is the degree of difficulty. As a result, many people feel it was average, not too difficult and not too easy. Some feedback indicated that they would like to see more advanced sessions, so we will consider increasing the number of advanced sessions for the next time.

Satisfaction with the viewing experience on the event site (five-grade evaluation)

(165 responses)

We independently developed our own event platform, there were a lot of concerns until the event ended.

During the event, we picked up feedback from Twitter and other sources and made improvements as needed. As a result, we’re happy to say that we’ve received a high level of satisfaction.

We have also received valuable feedback on this event. We will continue to make improvements.

Satisfaction with the Ask the Speaker (five-grade evaluation)

(165 responses)

This was the first time we adopted a tool called Discord. We received some good feedback such as “It was nice to be able to talk to the speakers easily”, but we also received some feedback for improvement such as “I don’t know how to use it” and “I don’t use it”.

We will continue to consider whether to continue with Discord or change it to a different tool, and review the operation to make it more exciting.

Satisfaction with CNDT2020 Discussion Board (five-grade evaluation)

(69 responses)

The Discussion Board was used by just under 100 people at any given time, and there was a high level of satisfaction. The fact that the online tool allows us to do things that are not possible with the offline whiteboard may have had an impact.

However, we also received some valuable feedback, such as “It was sluggish at times,” and “It was hard to navigate using the Mac Trackpad.

We’re looking forward to making improvements for the next time.

Satisfaction with Kontest (five-grade evaluation)

(50 responses)

Kontest was also used by many people. There was feedback that we felt we provided a very good learning experience. such as “It was fun to solve all the questions.”, “an opportunity to look up features we didn’t know existed.”

We received valuable feedback for improvements. such as “I didn’t have the skills to participate.”, “It was hard to see Dashboard.”, “That it would be nice if there were video commentary although this could be done in the future.”


Overall, the results were generally favorable. We are honestly happy for the organizing committee because we had to go through a lot of trial and error before and during the event.

Of course, there were some things we could not do right, and we have received some unsatisfactory feedback.

We will continue to make improvements for the next conference and the entire committee will work hard to make it even more enjoyable.

We would like to thank everyone who attended, the speakers, sponsors, and everyone who helped make CloudNative Days Tokyo 2020 a success.

Thank you all for your support! 😀